Krauthammer: Putin Has A "Chip On His Shoulder" Against Hillary Clinton Over Russian Election Meddling

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer comments on why Russian President Vladimir Putin is so interested in the 2016 election. He says that Putin has personal animosity against Hillary Clinton because he believes that as Secretary of State, she led American efforts to influence the national elections in Russia in 2011. <blockquote>KRAUTHAMMER: There's an element of this that's being overlooked. Putin is a KGB agent, a man raised on conspiracies. He believes in conspiracies. It's part of his upbringing. And we forget that when Hillary was Secretary of State, there was an election in Russia that he believed strongly we tried to influence against him, and actually he denounced Hillary herself personally as behind this, there were demonstrations, they threatened the regime to some extent. He cracked down. He also has this sort of chip as Russia being treated as a minor power by the west after the Cold War where it could intervene against Russia but not the other way around. I think he's just enjoying this as a way of turning the tables and showing that he can mess with our heads in the same way. And if he can get some advantage in hurting Hillary, that would be an advantage to him. </blockquote>