Glenn: To think critically, read sources from all sides

<a href="" target="_blank">Mercury One</a>'s interns have learned a lot in the past two weeks. On Thursday's "Glenn", Glenn Beck asked them to share some of the insights they've gained from the Mercury One Program and their interactions with David Barton of <a href="" target="_blank">WallBuilders</a>. The young people learned that the truth is quite simply the truth, and that we must always dig a little deeper to learn more from any story. The American Founders used to not only dig deeper, but also encouraged citizens to learn more about others -- even their enemies. Thomas Jefferson had a Quran printed when he was fighting the <a href="" target="_blank">First Barbary War</a> so Americans could understand the ideology of those <a href="" target="_blank">fighting against</a> the United States.. The Barbary States included Morocco and the Ottoman Regencies of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. Glenn asked the interns if any of them had read the Quran, as we are at war with nations today who take this as their holy book and reason for fighting. He implored of them, "How will you know the truth if you don't know what they know?" To see more from Glenn, visit his channel on <a href="">TheBlaze</a> and watch full episodes of “Glenn” live weekdays 5–6 p.m. ET or anytime on-demand at <a href="">TheBlaze TV</a>.