Protect Your Business | Speaker Henry Harrison

Be in charge and in control of your positioning …You're shaking hands with the owner of a huge oil company, one of American's wealthiest men and a billionaire, and he's just agreed to advance your company three hundred million dollars in a joint venture, when he says, congratulations you're going to be a very wealthy man. … We're going to cover critical leadership strategies to better help you protect your business for when the pressure is really on. Our story starts out sounding like another huge entrepreneurial success. You found an oil and gas company, right in the beginning of this country's shale oil and gas boom and it grows like crazy. In three years it's worth over 2 billion dollars. …You've got a hundred full time employees in the office, another two hundred land men out on the field. You're going out on site with those huge derricks. You've acquired over three hundred thousand acres, and when you're on site they are drilling down eight to ten thousand feet hitting big boomer wells. You're getting reports in the office of another hit. It's an exciting time. You're company is growing…. Five years later, you're getting your picture taken, when the photographer, he grunts, "Don't smile. This is your mug shot." You may be facing years in federal prison. …he tells you that the Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC…has gotten a restraining order, taken over your company, frozen your bank accounts, frozen your assets, and sued you for fraud. Then you learn that the public relations department announced nationally that you have masterminded a massive Ponzi scheme to the tune of half a billion dollars. It's blasted all across the country. It's on Reuters, it's on Bloomberg. … …It’s all over the Internet…You're getting emails, calls from friends, family wondering what in the world is going on…they're giving interviews for the nightly news, including posting pictures they had taken from your office earlier that morning. You know it's going to be front page news in the newspaper the next day….The best thing that happened then was Michael Jackson died and so that was front page news…. (laugh) And he hands you a court document and across the top in big bold letters, it says the United States of America versus you. The United States of America versus Henry Harrison? That's me.