Erica Pelosini & Louis Leeman Get Married in Capri

A WEDDING WEEKEND WITH A FRONT ROW-WORTHY GUESTLIST. CAPRI We have a confession to make (please put down the Pinterest-fueled pitchforks). And yes, it has to do with us being, well, less than inspired when it comes to nuptials. To put it lightly, we couldn't be further from the wedding-obsessed types. In fact, we recently collectively struggled to name a single bridal magazine (or a notable wedding that we didn't see on To really break it down, lets put it this way: beyond the requisite couture, the Royal Wedding (Middleton, Kardashian or otherwise) barely registered on our event-watching radar. But when, late on a Friday afternoon, an email lands in your inbox detailing the finer points of a wedding weekend so extravagant it's set to include a gorgeous getaway in Capri on the same weekend as the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show and a guest list that more closely resembles front row guest list than a bridal party, well, it's not exactly the time to wax poetic on the merits of a happily-ever-unmarried-after union. Rather, it's the time to frantically book the next flight to Italy. As it turns out, on occasion, all it requires is a few key elements for us to suddenly perk up and start singing 'here comes the bride'. And the mention of a fleet of custom Mary Katrantzou frocks for before and Pucci by Peter Dundas gowns during the ceremony might have more to do with it than we'd typically care to admit. Leave it to Cov-alum Erica Pelosini (she of the racks on racks of Balmain jackets) and her then-fiancé Louis Leeman to pique our interest, right?