The Wild Last Hours of Hal's in Venice

An Abbot Kinney neighborhood haunt since before the street was called Abbot Kinney, Hal’s was well-known as the <em>Cheers</em>-like locals' hangout, particularly for artists. Ed Ruscha, whose print shop is nearby, was a regular, as were Ed Moses and Judy Baca. Tim Robbins and Mel Brooks were seen there frequently, and even Mike Tyson stopped by for a drink. On Sunday, April 26, 2015, Hal's closed its doors after thirty years, and <em>L.A. Weekly</em> stopped by to capture some of the best stories from the restaurant's 30-year history. <br><br><strong>See also: </strong> <a href ="">Goodbye to Hal's, Venice's Legendary Artist Hangout on Abbot Kinney</a>