Online Appointment Scheduling

How do you schedule your calls, meetings, demso or service appointments? Back and forth emails? Phone Tag? Texting all day? And then what? Do you hand enter in into your personal calendar? Or maybe scribble in a note pad. Its time for something better, Something Easier Something smarter Bookafy is the easy way to book your appointments and empower you to take charge of your schedule. Its time to say goodbye to phone tag, no-shows and all of the manual work required for scheduling, confirming and reminding. You can get started with a simple one time set up. Maybe youre professional at a large company, or a solo entrepreneur like a business coach, counselor or personal trainer, or maybe you have a team of trainers, hair stylist or sales people to empower maybe you’re part of a large corporation with support and sales people all around the country. Maybe you would want to use our custom API? we can help. Every staff member can log into their own profile, see their appointments, take notes and edit their availability. The staff can 2-way sync with Google Calendar, or Outlook Calendar. We can embed your calendar into your website via iframe or button with a light box like we did here, or add a button on facebook, or a link in your email… you can even use the free website we create for you. Your customers can choose their appointment type Choose which staff member, which we can hide if you want The customer enters in a few details, and done. Appoointment made. No effort from you. Automated scheduling means your customers can book online anytime anywhere. We automatically send email confirmations with calendar attachments, We also send a SMS text reminders before the appointment. Eliminating no shows is a big deal around here And, if you want to take a payment for the service, that can all be done right inside of Bookafy with our Stripe and integration. In your admin account, you can customize when clients book, when reminders go out, cancellation restrictions, booking policies and much more. If you are nerdy like us, you can even add google analytics code to track your conversions. You also have the option to customize your colors, add custom fields… maybe you want to know their birth day, or favorite flavor of ice cream. Choose up to 9 fields or make it super simple like we do. Add unlimited staff members Add unlimited services, and even determine what times the services can start. Maybe a coffee meeting only starts at 10am. Or maybe new customer orientations are only on Wednesday evenings. As you can see, we’ve tried to think of everything… We can help you increase your customer service… Grow your revenue, and let you spend more time doing what you love. Go have some fun, let Bookafy work behind the scenes filling your calendar and automating the mundane tasks that take so much time. Sign up today and get started with Bookafy in less than 5 minutes. And if you want help from the worlds best support team, we offer free account set up and integration and we are always just a call, email or chat away.