'OpenTheBooks' Founder Adam Andrzejewski: American Government Needs A Transparency Revolution

Adam Andrzejewski, founder of <a href="https://www.openthebooks.com/">OpenTheBooks.com</a>, speaks with CSPAN founder Brian Lamb in a 'Q&A' interview which aired Sunday night. OpenTheBooks seeks to provide a platform for the general public to track federal spending, with the slogan: 'Every Dime. Online. In Real Time.' In this clip, Andrzejewski discusses the failure of the <a href="">2006 Federal Funding Accountability & Transparency Act</a> to reign in federal spending, and how OpenTheBooks seeks to bridge the gap in the public's understanding of the federal budget. <blockquote>ADAM ANDRZEJEWSKI: Here's what needs to happen: We need to have a transparency revolution. In as real time as possible, citizens, We The People, need to engage and review that spending, and hold our elected officials accountable for their decisions. We did an oversight report on Fortune 100 companies over a 14-year period who received federal funds... covering George W. Bush administration and the Barack Obama administration, and here are out findings: Nothing changed... The amount of money that flowed into Fortune 100 companies [from the federal budget] was $1.2 trillion. And so this brought together disparate views like Bill Maher at HBO coupled with Stephen Moore writing on the front page of Investor's Business Daily. I think it has also led to the citizen revolt on both the Bernie Sanders [left], and the Donald Trump [right]. People fundamentally understand something is wrong, and they only know a small portion of what is going on. Our objective at OpenThe Books.com is to show them everything going on all of the time. And we think that is the cure which can usher in a new era of citizen-driven government... One of our signature achievements at OpenTheBooks.com, something that I am most proud of, has ben Veteran's Affairs. At Veteran's Affairs, we have audited their checkbook for the past four years, and last summer we found that during a period where up to 1,000 sick veterans died waiting to see a doctor... the VA spent $20 million on a high-end art portfolio... This is the type of waste that is in our government, and this is the type of waste that we can expose. This story was picked up... by the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, and within 34 days, the VA Secretary... apologized for those purchases, and instituted new rules to stop them going forward. </blockquote>