Ingraham: We Need To Find Out Whether Our Government Was Turned Into A Political Weapon

Laura Ingraham on the House Intelligence Committee's attempt to unmask the 'unmaskers' in U.S. intel. Ingraham wondered why Carter Page and Jared Kushner would make themselves available to testify but Susan Rice refuses to talk about her involvement in unmasking those swept up in conversations being surveilled by the U.S. intelligence community. <blockquote>BRET BAIER: It was interesting that Carter Page was called up there. Democrats really wanted to hear from him and then suddenly he wasn't. LAURA INGRAHAM: Well, he is not going to deliver what they apparently want. Carter Page has made himself available to testify and to Jonah's point, Comey himself along with John Brennan and others have said there is no evidence of collusion. And we do have to find out if our government was essentially turned into a political weapon against individuals for their political associations, whether to Trump or to associates of Trump and tracked and perhaps ultimately an attempt to intimidate or harass. Susan Rice is not testifying. She refuses to testify before Congress. She has been asked to do. Jared Kushner said he would make himself available to anyone who wants to talk to him. It's interesting. Why won't Susan Rice talk? </blockquote>