ECi M1 Q1 2012 Update

M1 Q1 2012 Update With technology constantly changing and ECi as a company changing, one of our key focuses is to make sure we are communicating with our customers on a regular basis. The areas of focus are really the core tenants of ECi; innovation, customer satisfaction and ongoing education, to make sure they understand the changes that are happening within our company with both our customer base and the solutions we provide. This is fresh off the heels of our national conference which we held in November. It was a tremendous success. We had over 850 customers and M1 had a tremendous presence there. We had over a 120 users. We had great feedback. The dealers enjoyed the training and learned a lot about M1. It was a great opportunity for them to meet with other M1 users. And also a great time for them to learn more about the product and what we have planned for the coming year. It was a good opportunity for the staff to meet the customers they are talking to on a regular basis on the phone. Every other year we are going to continue to have these national conferences and follow that up next year with regional conferences. We have conferences planned in Anaheim, Chicago, Orlando and Australia. The national conferences and the upcoming regional conferences are a good opportunity for us to showcase the new .net release of M1™. 2011 was a big year for M1™. A lot of work went into the .net release, the new version of M1™. It gives us a new infrastructure, a solid base to bring new functionalities and features to market faster and a good robust structure for the software. I think it just positions us long term for many things like that, as well as, just taking M1 to the cloud ultimately. We have over 40 customers who have already taken advantage of the .net application with several more in the queue. We have an aggressive road map for 2012 with the focus on mobile products, the user interface, some of the integrations that are out there and even scheduling. Mobile is going to be a big thing for us this year. The first thing coming out is mobile shop floor entry which allows our customers to have shop floor entry on such devices such as tablets and smartphones for people out in the field and out in the factories. Beyond that we are moving in mobile CRM which allows people to enter their calls when they are out on site and dashboards from a management point of view so leaders of the companies can view information on the company no matter where they are. I'm excited about mobile, its really happening throughout ECi. The new user interface is critical because the advantage there of easy to use software goes a long way and actually creates further operational efficiencies. Another great enhancement we have planned for this year is our scheduling module that can schedule using additional constraints. What that means is that they will be able to schedule by employees, staff and work centers on the shop floor and introduce greater efficiencies into the job and the shop floor and ultimately save more money. I love the whole aspect of the .net infrastructure and what it enables from a third party integration perspective. Avalara from a sales tax perspective, Net1 for credit card processing done in Q4. Any customer currently using version 8 of M1™1 can take advantage of Net1 credit cards. For those of you who don't know what Net1 is, it is a credit card processing company. What is done now is that it has direct integration into the M1™1 product so it saves you from an operational inefficiency, you don't have to jumping out of the system and go to a dumb terminal. More importantly we have people who will partner with us, analyze your bill and see what kind of savings you can have from a credit card processing perspective. We have 1100+ customers under the ECi portfolio that have already taken advantage of that software. Finally we are introducing our advanced financial reporting tool. It gives our customers the ability to generate advanced reports from their M1™ data straight into exel. Overall the key areas of focus are mobile applications, the user interface, scheduling and overall third party integrations that open up a lot of opportunity. US: 800-882-0693 AUS: 1300 135 850 NZ: 0800 441 186