Maher Rips Liberal Guest For "Fake Outrage" Over Maxine Waters: Left Never Fails To Take Bait On "Bullshit Issues"

On this week's edition of <i>Real Time</i>, HBO host Bill Maher and president of the liberal thinktank Center for American Progress Neera Tanden went at it over the left getting caught up in "little bullshit issues" like the outrage shown at Bill O'Reilly for joking that Rep. Maxine Waters looks like she wears a James Brown wig. Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, <a href="">notably called the joke racist at a speech delivered Tuesday in San Francisco</a>. Maher said Hillary Clinton should "stay in the woods" and let a new generation and breed of Democrats take the helm of the party. "Hillary, stay in the woods," Maher advised. "Okay, you had your shot. You fucked it up. You're Bill Buckner. We had the World Series and you let the grounder go through your legs, let someone else have the chance." "The fact that she's coming back it just verifies every bad thing anyone's ever thought about the Clintons, that it's all about them. Let some of the other shorter trees get a little sunlight," Maher said to mixed reaction from the audience. "I don't think it's either-or that way," Tanden responded. "So, I don't think because -- I hear you on the loss. It was a terrible, terrible loss but I don't think the right response is Hillary goes into her closet and never speaks again on any issue she's worked on for decades of her life." "Lots of people are speaking out," Tanden said. "Yeah, but what did she speak about? She spoke out because <a href="">Bill O'Reilly made a joke about Maxine Waters' hair</a>," Maher said. "She spoke out against racism and sexism, Bill, that's what she spoke out against," Tanden said to cheers. "She spoke out about a joke," Maher said. "You know what, this is why the Democrats lost the election in the first place. Because they cannot get their priorities straight, and they never fail to take the bait about little bullshit issues." "I don't think racism and sexism are bullshit issues," Tanden retorted. "Why is it racist? What is it racist? Because she compared it to black people?" Maher asked. Tanden never answered the question, instead responding by citing the <a href="">Sean Spicer-April Ryan kerfuffle in the White House press briefing room earlier this week</a>. "You're referring to the fact that [Sean Spicer] said to a woman in... the briefing, April Ryan, who is an African-American, and they were going back and forth and she was shaking her head and he said, 'please stop shaking your head.' And you go immediately to it's a racist thing about, 'oh no he dinn't!'" Former Sen. Rick Santorum, also a guest on this week's episode, chimed in to say he can take a joke, noting he often comes on the show and listens to Maher bash his religion of Catholicism. "Don't be outraged at every offense, that's one of the problems we have," Santorum told an upset Tanden. "Stop the fake outrage that's going on." "It's not fake outrage," she responded. "It is fake outrage," he said. "Well, if it isn't fake outrage you should learn to take a joke and move on."