Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Warns Holiday Season Rail Strike Would Be "Not Acceptable"

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg signaled in an interview with Leeland Vittert of NewsNation airing tonight that the Biden administration will not support a freight rail union strike ahead of the Holiday season. <blockquote>LEELAND VITTERT, NEWSNATION: Will the administration support the rail workers if they strike? TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY PETE BUTTIGIEG: Well, look, our goal right now is to make sure that doesn’t happen. And we’re urging the parties to get to the table and to do whatever it takes to prevent a shutdown. A shutdown is a scenario that is not acceptable. We got through the worst of the days in terms of the shipping backlogs. We've made headway on trucking. But if we don’t have a healthy, functioning strong rail system. ... VITTERT: Can the American economy deal with it if it happens? BUTTIGIEG: It would not be good. VITTERT: Catastrophic? BUTTIGIEG: We don’t have enough trucks or barges or ships in this country to make up for the rail network.</BLOCKQUOTE>