Victor Davis Hanson: China or Russia: Who Is The Bigger Threat?

Stanford professor and historian Victor Davis Hanson speaks with FNC's Laura Ingraham about great power politics in the 21st Century: <blockquote>LAURA INGRAHAM: We talk a lot about this on the radio, but China is slowly amassing a huge band of influence across the globe, in academic institutions. Let's just start there. VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: China has got ten times the GDP of Russia, five times the population. It is a real threat. [China] is sort of doing what Japan did in the 1930s, with the <a href="">Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere</a>, so it goes to these neighbors, the Philippines, Japan, and it says, 'The U.S. is in isolation, it is on the wane, so cut a deal with us.' And we used to check that with a huge navy, that was what the American navy did during WW2 and the Cold War, and the navy is down below 300 ships. At the same time we would always triangulate with Russia and say we have issues, you have issues, but we have common ground against radical Islam and we're worried about China, but we've given that card up over this crazy hysteria over Russia. LAURA INGRAHAM: So we could be working with Russia on various fronts. We don't agree with them on a bunch of things, but we could be working with them more, or at all, with fighting the jihad. VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: They have a border with North Korea, they have a nuclear Pakistan, nuclear India, nuclear China, nuclear North Korea, they don't need another nuclear Iran on their border. They're losing population. LAURA INGRAHAM: So talk about why the global elites have flocked to protect China, and now flocked to demonize Russia. [They say] China is good and deserving of our attention, Russia is the real threat. Russia's economy is smalled than France's? VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Remember, Russia wasn't the real threat, after Bush clamped down on East Asia, Clinton and Obama said you've been too hard on Russia, we're going to reset with the plastic red button from a jacuzzi in Geneva. Romney was the person who was hysterical about the <A href="">hot mic exchange with Obama about missile defense</a>, and being flexible after the election. Russia was good, and then suddenly Russia was bad because the narrative changed, and China has always been the obstacle because 1/3 of the world's trade happens with oil going through the South China Sea, and now they have a valve with the Spratly Islands, they can control it. They could stop North Korea tomorrow if they wanted to.