London Drugs: Education is the best weapon against diabetes

In the battle against diabetes, education and prevention are two of your most effective weapons. That's why London Drugs has certified diabetes educators at select locations! In this episode of Black Press Media's Health & Wellness TV, sponsored by London Drugs, host Britta Bisig is joined by pharmacist Sangita Tumber to discuss the best ways of dealing with diabetes. "Patients with diabetes can live healthy, active lives," Sangita says, adding that living with the disease requires active monitoring of and many other tasks. "It's really important not to do it alone," Sangita says. "You need to form a partnership with your healthcare professionals -- your doctor obviously -- but also pharmacists and others." Actively managing the disease to prevent long-term complications is essential, Sangita says. It's important to learn how to interpret blood sugar patterns, eat well, be physically active, and how to safely inject insulin and adjust the dosage if needed. "I can't say this enough," Sangita advises. "Prevention is really key here." "The best weapon you have against this diseases education," Sangita says. "So educate yourself, learn about diabetes and what you can do to prevent long term complications." London Drugs' certified diabetes educators can help with this. "These are pharmacists who have national certification as diabetes experts who can teach you how to manage the disease better," Sangita says. "And depending on the location, those services are available in a variety of languages, including Punjabi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and others." Want to learn more about diabetes? Head to, click on the Health Clinics link, and go from there!