Hollywood Forever Cemetery Screens "A Hard Day's Night" in a Vast Outdoor Living Room

Hollywood Forever Cemetery sells out 4,000 tickets every night to its outdoor movies projected on a mausoleum wall at the famed graveyard, resting place of Fay Wray and Johnny Ramone. The audience drinks and enjoys films like <i>Harold and Maude</i>, <i>Goonies</i>, <i>Apocalypse Now</i> or <i>A Hard Day's Night</i>. White orbs are said to appear in photos <i>Read the full story</i>: <a href="http://www.laweekly.com/arts/hollywood-forever-cemetery-movies-sell-out-every-weekend-because-douches-dont-go-video-5800562"><i>Hollywood Forever Cemetery Movies Sell Out Every Weekend Because Douches Don't Go</i>.</a>