Why you need to capture new information in an organized way

Second situation. I met with a lady yesterday, shared some information that was valuable for her. She really liked it and she said to me, "Now where can I write this down that I can remember it?" That happens to all of us. We get new information in ... If you remember I had talked about a overwhelm triangle where we are overwhelmed by things we do, overwhelmed by others but overwhelmed by new information. She was getting some new information but she actually didn't know where she wanted to put that information. Because what happened in her mind, in her process, let's go through the steps. It was important information. She wanted to get back to it, she wanted to follow up and she wanted to make sure she had that information in order to move forward in her world. What was the trigger? How many of us actually pull out a post it note, we find a scrap piece of paper and we capture that new information that's really important to us in a haphazard way where we don't really have a system? My recommendation is to consider how will you capture new information that's important to your world that will make you more productive so that somewhere down the road next day, week later, you're not searching for that information especially if it's important to you in your world of productivity. We have to have that system so that we know it's captured in a consistent place but also it's where we know in fact we can go back to it and also we know that there's a trigger that will allow us to pull that information up easily and we don't have to spend a lot of time making that happen. Again, that goes back to follow up skills. If in fact she had a follow up system rather than a scrap of paper, she could easily capture the information, put it in her phone, put it on a piece of paper, tickler system and remind her to go back at a certain time to gather that information. Follow up skills are really, really important and it's woefully lacking in our world today. You can be a stand out person if you follow up consistently and have a system that works for you.