L.A., Get Ready for the Aussie Invader Alison Wonderland

The throngs came for Alison Wonderland at Coachella, yet this Aussie phenom, who holds secret concerts in massive warehouses and worries about her art, feared that nobody would show up. She's insecure, amazing and addicted to her same old Addidas T-shirt—and she'll gladly explain that it's all part of not going for a sexual thing when she's in the throes of performing. Maybe, and maybe not. <i>Read the full story at: <a href="http://www.laweekly.com/music/australias-alison-wonderland-is-ready-to-take-the-us-edm-scene-by-storm-video-5512052">Australia's Alison Wonderland is Ready to Take the U.S. EDM Scene by Storm</a>. </i>