Trump: Illegal Immigrant Criminals Are "Getting The Hell Out"

President Trump talks to FOX News' Ainsley Earhardt in an interview that aired on Tuesday's <i>FOX & Friends</i>: <blockquote>EARHARDT: Ok, Secretary Kelly. DHS. He has a message to illegal immigrants. He says a single DUI can get you kicked out of the country. Do you agree with that stance? PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I’m letting him run it. He’s great. He’s a great general, a tremendously successful general, and I’m letting him run it. But, I’ll tell you, we’ve gotten tremendous criminals out of this country. I’m talking about illegal immigrants that were here that caused tremendous crime that have murdered people, raped people; horrible things have happened. They are getting the hell out, or they are going to prison. And, so many towns and cities are thanking me, because we have gotten rid of a burden that you would not believe. It is a serious problem and we never did anything about it, and now we’re doing something about it.</blockquote>