Maher on Immigration: "There's This Elitist Group That's Running The World That's Left Us Behind" Is A Reasonable Argument

Bill Maher on President Joe Biden's immigration policy: "What about the other big I-issue which is immigration? Joe Biden famously used the phrase 'big fucking deal.' When is he going to understand this is a big fucking deal? We just had an election in France. Macron pulled it out, pretty handedly. But Marine Le Pen started at nothing and now she [came] within striking distance." "This is the same issue as Brexit in England. This is the same issue was Trump voters in America. This is France. And, you know, working-class voters feel like they've been ignored and abandoned. And when I've been to France they certainly were ignoring and abandoning me. But that is a reasonable argument, that there's this elitist group that's running the world that's left us behind," Maher said Friday on his HBO program 'Real Time.'