Kari Lake: I Understand Why People Would Insinuate Katie Hobbs Would "Win Due To Cheating"

Kari Lake in an interview with FOX News host Tucker Carlson on Friday assured voters that she will be the next governor of Arizona with a "nice padding" at the polls and will "fix these elections and restore honesty and transparency so that we can have faith in our elections once again." "We've got messed up elections for starters and they've counted a lot of ballots, but they're still about half a million left to be counted," Lake told Carlson. "These are primarily hard-core Republican voters. They showed up and brought their ballot in on Election Day. We are starting to get a few of today's numbers trickling in and we're getting from some of these drops 74% of the vote, 72% of the vote. These are heavy-duty Republican voters. Isn't it convenient that they are the last ballots to be counted? They count all the Democrat votes earlier and the really reliable Republican ballots are the last to be counted so we are less than a point away from our opponent, and we think it's going to start turning and turning quickly." "We believe we are going to win with a nice padding actually," Lake added. Lake said she understands why people would "insinuate" fraud since her Democratic opponent Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is in charge of Arizona elections. "So your opponent is the Secretary of State. She didn't campaign much and she didn't seem like she needed to campaign a lot, she never debated you and some are smirking online well of course, she was always confident in her victory. What is view of that very common take on the race?"host Tucker Carlson posed. "You're trying to get me to say something that might get me in trouble," Lake said laughingly. "No, no. I've read 50 people say that," Carlson said. "That means that people are so distrustful, what they're insinuating is [Katie Hobbs] knew she could sit back, hide in the basement, do nothing, and win due to cheating," Lake told Carlson. "That's what they're insinuating. And I understand why they would insinuate that because we've had such terrible elections. They're run poorly, they are rife with fraud. We've seen this time and again. And nothing is being done. Elected officials tell us if we dare bring it up, we are conspiracy theorists, we're election deniers. Darn it, we've got to start bringing this up. People are fed up." Lake on election transparency and Hobbs' role as Secretary of State of Arizona: <blockquote>KARI LAKE: I was in a Veterans Day parade today and people were shouting out on the side of the road, please repair our elections. Please count our vote. This is crazy. The people of Arizona are fed up. And when we win, and rest assured we will, with 100-percent certainty we will. One of the first things I'm going to do on day one is call a special session, bring the legislature in and say fix these elections and restore honesty and transparency so that we can have faith in our elections once again. This is our sacred vote. We get one vote. That's one we should get, one vote. And we want to know that it counted... We asked her to do that one month into jumping into the race back in July of 2021. We asked her to recuse herself. We said this is unethical -- just recuse yourself from the parts of your role as Secretary of State that deal with the election and she refused to do so. But, you know, she only showed up for work 19 days in the past 6 months, so I don't know how much work she does. We had the big red flag on August 2nd, the primary election. It played out exactly like this. They counted the Democrat votes first, they slow-rolled the Republican votes, and it was days and days and days of counting. They did nothing to improve it before this general election and then we have the tabulator machines that didn't work in one-third of the polling places. We can't continue to run elections this way. We are confident these elections counts are going to start going heavily our way and we will win this. And I assure the people of Arizona that we will clean up our elections. </blockquote>