2019 VW SportWagen: This is NOT Your Parents' Station Wagon

Utah Drives: Growing up, I remember going on these BIG family vacations in the BIG family station wagon. In fact, if we ever got pulled over, it couldn’t by the police, it had to be by the Coast Guard. Today, we’re talking about a whole new type of wagon—the VW SportWagen. At first glance, this car reminds me a lot of another car that starts with an S, and ends in “ubaru”. It’s just one of those cars that can do a lot more things than most people think. The Sportwagen is available with a manual transmission—for those of you who like to drive stick. The turbo that’s available on this thing gives it some kick when you need it in the city and on the highway. One of my favorite features on this was the 4-motion all-wheel drive. Generally, I wouldn’t be taking this type of car up this type of road, but holy smokes, it works as advertised. It’s also got the capacity for space, whether inside or outside. As with all VW’s, it comes with the 6-year, 72,000-mile warranty, and the folks at Strong VW have a lifetime warranty they put on this that can save you even more money. And speaking of money, it can come in around $10k LESS than that other car. Check out the VW SportWagen at Strong Volkswagen in downtown Salt Lake City.