Pregnancy High/Low Impact Cardio (Basic Level)

Here's a great 40 minute High/Low Impact Cardio workout I filmed in my last trimester. The choreography is a bit more intricate that some of the other marching workouts I've been releasing recently. In each section, you'll learn a fun combo starting with simple marches and step touches then quickly progress to more complex choreography. Even the warm-up and cool-down have super fun combinations of moves to learn. This workout will really get your heart pumping and your muscles working, as well as keep your mind engaged the entire time. Perfect for those who like to start with beginner moves and quickly layer to more complex choreography that will be all strung together equally on both sides of the body. This workout is part of a pregnancy workout program that I'll be releasing over the next while. You certainly don't have to be pregnant to do this workout. Be sure to let me know what you think! Please check with your doctor or healthcare provider before beginning this or any workout. Participant Level: Basic to Intermediate Description: The warm-up begins with a fun combo taught through layering. Each layer will add more complex choreography until we put it all together. Enjoy a small stretch once your muscles are warm, then move on to combos 1-3. I will give options to help keep moves at a lower impact version, or you can always pick up the intensity through higher impact moves. We'll add direction changes, and even change the order of the moves to keep everything fresh and fun. Enjoy all the classic moves like insoles, repeaters, grapevines, ponies, kick ball change, and mambos. Once you've learned the 3 combos, we'll run through them all back to back in a final finale! Then cool down with another creative combination before we stretch.