Dashboard | Discovery 5 | Brainspace

This video will demonstrate the Dashboard feature in Brainspace Discovery 5. From a zero-state with no human interaction, the Dashboard presents the essence of your documents. The Data Overview presents a donut graph showing a summary of your dataset, including documents that are Near Duplicates of another document, documents that are Exact Duplicates of another document, Original documents that are unique, and Excluded documents that we couldn’t process, usually because they contain no text. Discovery provides three columns of Faceted data. The first column, by default, shows your Top Terms, the most important and relevant concept terms that Discovery has identified within your Dataset using our Brainspace technology. This Facet column highlights and dynamically updates relevant concepts, and not just common keywords found in your dataset. The Top Terms Facet is the only component that is not metadata driven. You can select from among any of your metadata fields in the other drop downs to display other desired results. Faceted search enables users to fine-tune their search with a progressive narrowing of choices in each dimension. Think of 20 questions. The first question is “animal, vegetable, or mineral?” And this faceted question allows you to quickly trim away vast chunks of irrelevant records. Discovery gives users the utmost control over their dataset analysis. They can click on any entity within the Dashboard, and any items of interest, to update results and create complex searches without ever thinking about search. A Timeline is provided for any metadata fields that have dates, and is especially useful for analyzing emails. Users can select a specific date, or range of dates, zoom in and provide a sharper focus on your selection. You’ll notice that as you execute a search, Discovery displays the updated search Document Results in the far right that match your query [highlight results], and the various components within the Dashboard update as well to reflect the narrowed population. Each of the resulting documents can be selected for immediate viewing, or adding to a Collection. The Dashboard makes it easy to quickly find meaning in your vast assortment of documents!