Best of Phoenix 2012: Behind the Screens at Hackerspace Heatsync Labs

HeatSync Labs in downtown Mesa is a hackerspace. No, that doesn’t mean they sit in the dark hacking computers, and you’ll never make us admit that’s what we originally thought. It’s a community workshop where likeminded people can come to work on their passion. On any given day, someone could be working on a computer program, using the laser, and printing prototypes on the 3D printer. HeatSync is free and open to the public from 7 to 10 p.m., and when we stopped by, member Chad Stearns gave us the HeatSync tour. About 15 people were there that night, working on their projects or taking the laser cutting class. The idea behind HeatSync is that there’s strength in numbers and collaboration, and this hackerspace pulls its resources together to further the education of creatives around the community.