KJP: "Extremist Conservatives Appear Bent On Taking Away" Fundamental Rights From LGBT People

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre discusses the signing of the Respect For Marriage Act Tuesday at the White House: <blockquote>REPORTER: Is there a sense today, with the president signing the Respect For Marriage Act, that that makes it settled in America? Or is there still some concern that based on some of the comments from Justice Thomas, or the potential for other litigation, that this could still be an issue that would be explored in the U.S.? KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: I think a couple of things there, look, this is an important civil rights accomplishment that was achieved in a bipartisan way, and it got that support. Right? And when the president signs it today, it will build on generations of civil rights advocacy that brought us to this important moment. So that's important to note. But look we understand, in spite of this important legislation, it is also true that there are extremist conservatives who appear bent on taking away fundamental rights, including marriage equality. This bill provides an important measure of security for LGBTQI+ families, but their children should also see -- will also get attacked, right? We know, sadly, and the legal attacks on marriage equality will continue to persist. There is absolutely more work to be done for the LGBTQI community, so you'll hear from the president and he'll talk about that, the work that needs to continue to get done. So that is something he understands. This is an important step forward, but we also have to pass the Equality Act. That is something the president has called on from the beginning of his administration, and he will continue to do. But we can not ignore how important today is... and how it builds on all the work that has been done across the past couple of decades. </blockquote>