Jeff Roe: Cruz Could Play Big Part at Convention Unifying GOP Behind Trump

Ted Cruz's campaign manager, Jeff Roe, comments on what Trump can do at the Republican Convention to unite the party: Give Ted Cruz a prominent role. <blockquote>JEFF ROE: I would be remiss if I didn't point out that without data, without online fund raising, they kicked my butt anyway. That's on top of us raising $93 million, which was a record (at the time) for Republican primaries, getting eight million votes. Mr. Trump has a way to control the news cycle. i believe they will be able to put it together, but they have to get going now. The time -- it boils down to data and analytics and ground really equates to about a point and a half, 2.5, 3.5, points depending on how the Democrats are doing it. And the Democrats are doing it well, because they --the Clintons-- have won so many campaigns within the margin of error. That typically means that the ground game made the difference. I think they [the Trump campaign] have time. The RNC has done a good job ramping up. It's a generic model. They will need to make it Trump specific. But if you look at the polls the last few days, after what has been six and a half weeks of pretty tough stuff for the Trump people, he's still in margin error or up in places where he needs to be. In fact he's doing better than you would anticipate him doing in places like Pennsylvania and others. I think there's time to catch up. They do have to get going very quickly... [His smartest pick for VP would be:] Anybody besides Newt Gingrich... MARK HALPERIN, BLOOMBERG: Keynote speaker at the convention. Who would be the smartest pick? ROE: If you want to rally conservatives, put a stamp on our party, and take this into a general election, with everybody fully motivated, I think Ted Cruz should have a big role in the convention.</blockquote>