Charlie Cook: Real America Doesn't Recognize The Secular Democratic Party, Not A National Party

Charlie Cook and Chuck Todd talk about the outcome of the election and how Americans don't "recognize" the "secular" Democratic party. From Wednesday's broadcast of <i>Meet the Press Daily</i>: <blockquote>CHARLIE COOK, THE COOK REPORT: You can cry in your beer, you can say if, if, if. But the thing is this race shouldn't have been that close and had [the Democratic party] done the mechanics right, allocating resources, all these things could go wrong and they still would have won. But the fact is that Hillary Clinton won only 16% of the countries in this country. President Obama won 22%. Yes, I know the population is concentrated in other counties, but given the way our political process is constructed -- the House and the Senate and Electoral College -- you have to have a footprint broader than what the Democratic party has right now... Democrats don't know how to talk to a lot of these people that go to church, people of value. The Democratic party has become a secular party. I mean it has become a party that -- CHUCK TODD: Outside of African-Americans. COOK: Yes. That's the one. COOK: Almost other than a couple of prayers at the convention every four years, that's it. The thing is a lot of Americans and a lot of these voters out in sort of real America where I grew up and okay, sort of where you grew up. These are people with a different value structure. And they don't recognize what the Democratic party has become... I think when Howard Dean tried to do the 50 state strategy it was goofy. But the thing about it is the party needs to actually be working physically in lots of places... The Obama campaign in 2008, It reached into a lot of places. The idea was to have a national campaign and a national party. Right now the Democratic Party doesn't look like a national party.</blockquote>