Victor Davis Hanson: We're Seeing A Recalibration In The West, A Cultural Decline

Hoover Institution fellow and historian Victor Davis Hanson talked about the Russia-Ukraine crisis, a shifting geopolitical landscape, the decline of culture in the West on Wednesday with Fox News host Sean Hannity. "I think [Vladimir Putin] looks at Joe Biden and he said 'this is the man,'" Hanson said. "He is threatening Europe right now and the West in general with nuclear warfare and he's thinking, you know what, on a hot mic In Seoul, South Korea, Barack Obama just dismantled any idea of missile defense in Eastern Europe. That would have come in handy right now. We didn't have to give anything for it, other than to behave for a year before we went into Crimea and Ukraine." "Joe Biden called me a killer and a thug, but he begged me to pump oil," Hanson said of Putin. "He's very happy. He says, they have no credibility. It doesn't mean Joe Biden is the West is what I'm saying. And there are people in Germany who were in control. The greens were in control. But we're starting to see a recalibration in the West, I think, in our 11th hour, Sean, of cultural culture and political activity, and inertia and I think we're going to see something happening during this midterm." "If people get out and vote and said, I reject cutting back on oil and gas because I care about the American people's ability to drive, to keep warm," he said. "And I also care about us endangering other people worldwide that have to depend on Russia and I'm not going to take it anymore. Or I'm going to make sure that our military deters people rather than tries to become a school of social justice of equity, diversity, and inclusion. I think that will send a powerful message." "Right now, the key thing that we are all watching is can that Ukrainians hang on and we didn't expect this. But their fate is affecting a lot of other global issues. If they can hang on, it is going to send a powerful message to us in the West to regroup and rethink and get back to our values and the people in China as well will say, I don't think I quite want to go into Taiwan now," Hanson concluded.