ECi Advantage™ Video

ECi Advantage™ provides companies access to essential automation of finances and inventory, as well as being available for customer support 24/7. Whether a company is large or small, established over decades or just emerging into the industry, they all have the same problem of an excessive amount of time and labor into financial organization necessities. Accounting, inventory (warehouse and local), and e-commerce throughout the supply chain is an extensive process every company encounters. What if there was one solution for all of those needs, adapts to your business and is easily accessible? ECi Advantage is the one solution. ECi Advantage strives to be effective and efficient. Since 1999, they have continued to revolutionize the way businesses organize and access their immense files and data across multiple or one branch. One loyal customers states “Since we have 10 locations, it’s been important to oversee the inventory levels at all stores and Advantage has made it a lot easier.” ECi Advantage delivers financial integrity and extreme flexibility (1 to 100 stores, 5 to 5000 terminals). They provide a fully integrated solution from point-of-sale, e-commerce, business intelligence & data analytics, and mobile dispatch & delivery. ECi Software Solutions has partnered with both large and small companies, such as: 3M, Mead Westvaco, United Stationers, Avery Dennison, brother, HP, Orgill, and True Value. This business system first and foremost adapts to your business, as well as preparing for future analysis, strategies, profit projections, and potential innovations within the company, as ECi Advantage adapts to form a stable foundation for the future. This system is adaptable to Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, and supports multiple platforms for SQL platforms. The system also provides high security, yet easy navigation with its’ centralized security management, role-based security permissions and record-level database encryption. ECi Advantage is a multi-lingual system that is used in 20 countries and 20 different languages enabling global companies to collaborate branches around the world. This management software is for all companies looking to correlate their finances, data and products; such as: LBM, Hardlines and Farm Supply Businesses. ECi Advantage has another unparalleled service and that is the reliability and guaranteed 24/7 live customer support. As the most responsive team in the industry, ECi Software Solutions provides extensive support and guidance the first 90 days of each companies implementation schedule. They provide one-on-one on-site implementation, training classes, live webinars and tech support seven days a week. This allows companies the shortest implementation time possible so they are able to focus on their ROI. Connect your business to ECi Advantage today.