Nicomachean Ethics with Andy Gole

A flourishing society consists of flourishing individuals Andy Gole All my life I've had an interest in philosophy. One day, I discovered Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics which discusses a flourishing society. A flourishing society consists of flourishing individuals which means we discover, develop and achieve our potentials including intellectual, emotional, physical. Over time, I realized that these lessons apply to business. You've probably discovered this too. You've developed the systems and procedures to have many flourishing departments in your business including manufacturing, service, finance but there might be one department, maybe the most important department which is not flourishing, where you don't have the systems you need. Business development, because if you're not developing new business, you're suffocating. You might be shriveling. Andy Gole Seminars Sales Leadership The Crisis in Sales Leadership Do or Die vs. Best Efforts Rocky, Freud, Darwin & Selling Crisis in Creating New Sales Relationships Heroic Selling Do you want me to sell or fill out paperwork? The Leads Are Terrible How Buyers Buy & What To Do About It Andy Gole 201-415-3447