After Losing Charity Feud To Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds Has Clapped Back Through Aviation Gin

It has been said that there are but three constants in the world, death, taxes, and Ryan Reynolds feud with Hugh Jackman. The pair have been going after each other for years, and while they have claimed on more than one occasion that the feud was ending, it has never truly stopped. Instead, if anything, it's only gotten stronger. Recently the duo actually used their powers for good by adapting their battle into a charity fundraiser. It was a great cause to be sure, but now that Hugh Jackman has been declared the winner, it would seem that Ryan Reynolds may be a little upset and so he's lashing out once again through Aviation Gin. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman recently completed a charity event where customers at Sam's Club could vote to support either Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man Foundation or Ryan Reynolds chosen charity the Sick Kids Foundation. Jackman's side was declared the winner, and it seems, despite the fact that both sides actually received significant donations, Reynolds may be a tad upset. His Aviation Gin brand recently posted a nice holiday cocktail recipe to Instagram, which quietly took a shot at Jackman's coffee company.