Mini-City Auto Body Parts Connection Sweepstakes WINNER Testimonial

Learn MORE: The Parts Connection Sweepstakes WINNER Testimonial in Raleigh, NC. Ann and Donald Ray, Owners, Mini-City Auto Body We would like to thank The Parts Connection and Leith BMW in Raleigh of North Carolina for this program they’ve allowed us to be part of today. It has been a very exciting time and we’ve had lunch and it was good fun and we really appreciate the business and the help from each of them. The program is easy and I suggest that you use it! We’ve won money in the past and also all you have to do is go to their website and fill in the entry form and send it in with the invoice numbers and you could be the next one to win the big money! Mini-City Auto Body | 919-872-7710 Auto Parts Dealer Leith BMW | Parts 844-261-4306 Video proFile® page: