Pentagon Contradicts Biden: Al Qaeda And ISIS Still "Have A Presence" In Afghanistan

FNC's Jennifer Griffin asked Pentagon spokesman John Kirby about President Biden's statement Friday that <a href="">al-Qaeda no longer has a significant presence in Afghanistan</a>. <blockquote>JENNIFER GRIFFIN, FOX NEWS: What is your current estimate for how many Al Qaeda are in Afghanistan? JOHN KIRBY, PENTAGON: I haven't seen an estimate on that. I don't know -- Okay, I don't know we have an exact estimate... We know that al-Qaeda is a presence, as well as ISIS, in Afghanistan. And we've talked about that for quite some time... But we don't have an exact figure for you... It is not like they carry ID cards... And our intelligence gathering ability in Afghanistan isn't what it used to be. GRIFFIN: But the president just said that there's no Al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan? That does not seem to be correct. KIRBY: We don't think -- we believe there isn't a significant presence to merit a threat to our homeland, as there was back on 9/11 twenty years ago. </blockquote>