Larry Wilmore To Milo Yiannopoulos: "Go F*** Yourself"

Comedian and host of the canceled Daily Show daily series <i>Nightly Show</i> Larry Wilmore told provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to "go fuck yourself" for his attack on comedienne Leslie Jones and his criticism of the <i>Real Time</i> panel. Moments earlier, Milo called Bill Maher's HBO panel "stupid" and implored the host invite "higher I.Q." people after guest Malcolm Nance questioned if he was truly gay. "You seemed to be very confused about who you are and what you are," Nance told Yiannopoulos. <b><a href="">Bill Maher Interviews Milo Yiannopoulos On Free Speech, Liberalism, Comedy: "Liberals Always Take The Bait"</a></b> "Do you always have to fight everyone?" host Bill Maher asked Yiannopoulos. "I don't! Yiannopoulos replied. "I was having such a nice time but you always invite such awful people on your show that are so stupid. Now, come on, you need to start inviting higher I.Q. guests. This is going to be a disaster." This led Wilmore to telling Yiannopoulos to GFY on the online-only 'Overtime' portion of the HBO show: <blockquote>LARRY WILMORE: You can go fuck yourself. Alright. If your argument is that these people are stupid, you didn't hear a word this man (Malcolm Nance) said earlier this segment because he can talk circles about your pathetic, douchey little ass. One last thing and I'll let you defend. Leslie Jones is not barely illiterate. Go fuck yourself again for that one. YIANNOPOULOS: She can barely spell. You should read her Twitter. WILMORE: She is a very thoughtful person and very offended. YIANNOPOULOS: Excuse me, she can barely spell. </blockquote> Nance, upon finding out that Yiannopoulos is not an American citizen, told him to f*** off. Watch the full <i>Overtime</i>: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>