What is the life of a child worth? | Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County

http://www.bgccc.org/ Why are we here tonight? Memberships We have 1 goal tonight Our 1 goal is to raise $X in membership for Collin County Children Kids like me And me (Happy/Surprised) Kids who might otherwise be home alone after school Alone all day during the summer The Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County gave more than $XXX,XXX in membership assistance last year (a)Wow! That’s a lot! (b) Why so much Collin County is the fastest growing area in Texas This means more kids every year (Happy…excited) Focusing on our 3 core areas. (1 finger) Academics. We use the first hour to do our homework every day. (2 fingers) Health. Healthy meals, nutrition labels, daily exercise (3 fingers) Character. We learn how to be caring and responsible And why giving back is important. Nearly 40% of kids in the DFW area are alone after school Some of them……..kindergarteners Why so many? The average cost of After-school and summer programs is over $5,000 a year And that’s just for 1 child After-school and summer care for 2 children costs nearly half of the total income of the average single mother household On average, after-school and summer care for 2 children would be nearly half of a single mother’s total income (Alternate Version) Half. (rips dollar bill in half) But it costs the Boys & Girls Clubs over $1,000 a year for just 1 child And half of our families pay nothing at all The Boys & Girls Clubs make our community better. And stronger. (flexing) And moooooore prosperous. (hands in the air) Our programs work. our members advance to the next grade on time. (99.9% graphic) our seniors graduate and go to college Boys & Girls Club kids don’t do gangs, drugs or jail. Gangs? Drugs? Jail? No Way! (jail bars graphic) It costs $365 a day to house a juvenile inmate. You could stay at the four seasons with room service every day for less than that. I count on my Boys & Girls Club Membership every day My membership means transportation from school Healthy food and snacks help with my school work Knowing right from wrong This is our 1 mission tonight To provide memberships for great kids Great kids like me Great kids like me Great kids with great potential Great kids who might otherwise be home alone So tonight, let’s see what memberships mean to you. To us To us Tonight, we have 1 goal. One goal. Because we are 1 community 1 community Because you are sitting here tonight, we know you are committed to the children in our community And for that, we thank you. Thank you Thank you But wait….. (Hey, waaaaaait!) Wouldn’t it be great if we could open our doors to every child in Collin County. Wouldn’t it be great if there were no kids in our County home alone after school? (alternate version) Knock on Door Scene (Extended) Please help us raise more money for memberships tonight. What is it worth to you? (What am I worth to you?) What is it worth? We are counting on you? Come on. Come on, we can do it. Please help. Please. It’s important To us To us To us Please help. What is it worth? What is the life of a child worth? What is the life of a child worth to you?