YouTube is in dangerous territory after not removing a video that ridiculed a Vox producer for being gay

YouTube's harassment policy states that "content which maliciously ridicules or mocks an individual based on their personal characteristics" or content that can be described as "negative and hurtful" can be removed from their platform. The company caused outraged when it refused to remove videos by popular conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder. The videos in question contain moments where Crowder makes fun of Vox producer Carlos Maza for being gay. Maza complained to YouTube, and in response they stated that "while we found the videos hurtful, they did not violate our policies." INSIDER's Manny Ocbazghi opines that the situation calls into question YouTube’s willingness to restrict accounts that perform well for them. Should they be held responsible for the content found on their site, or are they just a simple publishing platform?