The limelight gift set featuring our CONCRETE CANDLE and Firefley safety matches is as much at home aligned within a perfectly curated Instagram grid as it is perched in your urban loft window. Look, we know how it feels to be surrounded by our clean, open spaces. It clarifies the mind and heightens the senses. So we are truly sorry because this is one addition to the studio that you will agree is simply an irresistible ambience kickstarter to your morning noon and night. So go with it... strike a match and breathe deeply. There’s nothing like being the brand that lights the fire of creativity with a mere flick of the wrist. Who knew something could be so functional, aesthetically on point, and on easy on the senses? I’ll have what she’s having. Limelight set includes a 12 oz. hand poured laser engraved concrete candle with copper accent and glass jar with 35 safety matches in a custom fit kraft gift box.