Authenticity before branding

Ross R. Mason: You know, for a long time, marketing was all about branding, and branding is really important. But increasingly today, who you are, and how authentic you are, is becoming even more important than branding. In this era of YouTube and social networks, most businesses are learning that a great deal of authenticity comes from spontaneity, from passion, from truly bring who you are. Client: Then you're gonna love doing business with me. Ross R. Mason: And that could be something that you share with your clients on a regular basis, so that they have a chance to see that you're a real person, that there are benefits to doing business with someone like you. Kind of just like these examples. Client: We build our case around your products. Client: Contact Greystone. We can help. Client: Big taste without adding inches to their waist. Client: I want to go smooth and candid for you. Client: I wanna be your friends, and I wanna be your agent. Smart business video to present yourself combines how people are searching for what you do with the power of professional, authentic video. Business professionals are learning that content marketing is critical for increasing new customer acquisition, sales and the average life of clients or customers. And VIDEO is the greatest content every professional should be using in their overall marketing strategy. The engaging:VIDEO web video series from Video proFileĀ® and Motion Media Solutions, featuring Ross R. Mason, CEO and creator of the Video proFileĀ® service.