Krauthammer: Beginning To Dawn On Democrats You're Not Appealing To People With Liberal Overreach

Charles Krauthammer comments on the Democratic leadership vacuum and how "limousine liberalism" has backfired on the party. The syndicated columnist commented the 2010 "shellacking" Congressional Democrats received "wasn't an election; it was a restraining order." "There's nothing like a shellacking to make you look at who you are," as a party, the FOX News commentator said. <blockquote>BRET BAIER: Pretty amazing the turn around on the story. Before this election, just days before, we were talking about how the Republican party, there was a fight for the Republican party and how they were going to recover. All of that. And now it's completely turned on its head. CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, there is nothing like winning to bring unity. And there is nothing like being utterly shellacked. I think someone said after the 2010 midterm, that wasn't a election; that was a restraining order. There is nothing like that to make you think about who you are. Look, you look at the Democrats in the Senate. And it's the classic accusation. The Senate part led by a New Yorker. Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco. The average income in her constituency is twice what it is in Tim Ryan's. He represents industrial Ohio; she represents limousine liberalism. And it's beginning to dawn on them if you keep saying that global warming is the biggest problem for our country, for our century while people are losing their jobs and their dignity in the midwest, you are not appealing to people. Now, I think it starts -- there is a large part of this that is to be laid at the feet of Barack Obama. I thought his kind of liberalism was a huge overreach with Obamacare and all the other regulations. But the House went along with it and the Senate went along with it. Democrats, I'm talking about, protected him and made the same case. This is, I think, sort of a ricochet shot of getting at Obama without attacking him, but bringing down and changing the people who followed him over the cliff. </blockquote>