Master the art of follow up skills to impact productivity | Lauren Midgley

One important skill to master is your follow up skills. It really does impact your productivity and how others view you. As an example, went to a networking event recently and I actually went there with a couple of people in mind that I wanted to meet of needs that I had. I needed a photographer, I needed a graphic artist to help with my website and I'm looking to change on car insurance. I actually met three people in that process of the networking. We exchanged cards, we had the niceties. What are you looking for? What am I looking for? They knew exactly what I was looking for. Lo and behold a week later I didn't hear from any one of the three. I was shocked. The reason why I was shocked was because I was clear with my need and what I wanted to do. I was a buyer. I was a consumer. I wanted to purchase. They clearly did not have very good follow up skills. With my card, I don't know where it went, what they did to it, threw it away, doesn't matter, but it was a lost opportunity. My question for you is, do you have situations where you have lost opportunities because you don't have a good follow up system, follow up productivity mindset?