Rep. Adam Schiff: Russia Gets The Most Attention, But It Is Not The Only Threat We Face

Incoming House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff told MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Tuesday that while the Mueller investigation into Russian election interference is important, it is not the only threat his committee will look at next year. He specifically mentions North Korea and Saudi Arabia as high priority subjects his committee will investigate. "We are going to be doing deep dives into Saudi Arabia and North Korea," Schiff said. "Not just about the Khashoggi murder, but about our reliance on Saudi Arabia, the stability of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia's role in Yemen and the peace process." "We are not going to have the luxury of waiting until special counsel Muller is finished, but we are going to look at issues that may not be the subject of the special counsel's work and money laundering is certainly going to be one of them," he also said.