Sen. Rand Paul: Gain Of Function Hearing Will Explore COVID Origins, Dangerous Research In Wuhan

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) explained the goals of Wednesday's Senate Health Committee hearing focused on the origins of COVID and gain-of-function research in an interview with FOX News host Bret Baier. <blockquote>SEN. RAND PAUL: Before we even get whether the virus came from a lab we have to explore, were they doing gain-of-function research? Were they taking viruses, mixing them with unknown viruses and creating more lethal viruses or viruses that were more infectious or transmissible. I say without question they were doing this. Anthony Fauci says they weren't. Tomorrow we will have the first gain-of-function hearing on Capitol Hill, the first exploration of this topic in two years. A million Americans died and we have not had one single hearing. Tomorrow we have the first hearing and I'll ask three scientists, very esteemed scientists, scientists with hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, editors of journals. This is an elite group of scientists that will be there tomorrow. I'm going to ask them was it gain-of-function research that was going on in Wuhan. That doesn't prove it came from a lab but it proves that dangerous research was happening there and that it could have come from a lab. And my question is even if we don't know for certain, let's say it is 50/50, that's still a big probability that it came from a lab. At that point, wouldn't we want to make sure we're controlling [it]? We have restrictions on exporting nuclear technology. Should we have restrictions on exporting DNA technology to Communist China? I think yes. </blockquote>