Reversal Curve with Andy Gole

Many executives see selling as linear. You have your first call, your second, your third, your fourth, you close. It's linear. Very often this conceals what's going on below the surface. You have that first call, the prospect swears eternal fealty to you and then it seems you move down into this trough. You can't get them back on the phone. What's going on? At least two things. They're happy with the incumbent and they've got a million things to do. They like talking to you but as soon as you left the room, they had a stack of priorities they had to deal with. Very often, the real story in selling is how do you get back up to that second sales call from that trough? What are the tactics? What do you do to get up there and it seems linear but then you go through reversal, after reversal on the way to the close. That's what we call the reversal curve.