Libertarian Party chair: Here is how we would solve the culture war

Can the libertarian movement overcome the culture wars to bring more people together? Libertarian National Committe chair Nicholas Sarwark joined “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to answer some of Glenn Beck’s biggest questions about libertarianism. “The veterans of the culture wars … bear scars from that,” Sarwark said. The clash between liberals and conservatives is terrifying because ultimately they want to decide “who gets to have government tell you how to live your life,” he explained. “That’s what made them so bitter; that’s what made them so angry because the stakes of losing were so high.” The aim of a libertarian society is not to give government that option at all, Sarwark asserted. The Libertarian Party’s mission is to keep government from affecting people’s lives. When the only thing at stake is the war of words, people can disagree and become upset at each other without worrying that their fundamental rights will be taken away, he explained. “We know at the end of the day it’s safe,” Sarwark said. “Because we’re exchanging ideas, not fists or guns.” To see more from Glenn, visit his channel on <a href="">TheBlaze</a> and watch "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" live weekdays 9 a.m.–noon ET or anytime on-demand at <a href="">TheBlaze TV</a>.