Cigarette Butts Are a Harmful Source of Pollution

We need to clean up cigarette butts. Cigarette butts are actually a huge problem. Cigarette butts are a huge source of pollution, making up about 1.7 billion pounds of litter each year worldwide. The filters aren’t biodegradable because they’re made from a plastic that can take years to decompose. They litter beaches and get washed into oceans, harming marine life. Pollution Topic/Environment-Oceans Beach Trash Timeliness/Evergreen Biodegradable Source/GettyRightsReserved Source/ATTN: Original Source/Fair-use Length/90 Source/Pond 5 Source/Epidemic (Music) Source/Permission published on Source/Columbia Pictures Topic/Environment Topic/Health Harmful Topic/Environment-Recycling Source/HBO Save Our Planet Litter Decompose Smoking Source/EPA Cigarettes Dimension/16:9 Source/Plos One Syndication/ByteDance Syndication/VideoElephant Worth Your ATTN Smoker Our Planet Pollutant Source/The Weinstein Company Source/Tobacco Control Ocean Pollution Cigarette Butts Source/TerraCycle Source/The Mantis Project Source/NTDTV Source/International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Opening/Featured Sub Format/Title Card Topic/Civic Engagement-Other Topic/Environment-Other