Pelosi Slams Media For Reporting Leaked DNC Emails: "You Were Accomplices In This"

At the weekly Democratic Congressional briefing, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi slammed members of the media for reporting leaks that were "embarrassing to the Clinton campaign." "You knew it was the Russians," she said to the members of the media gathered in the Capitol. <blockquote>NANCY PELOSI: I really say to you, my friends in the press, with all due respect for the guardians of the First Amendment that you are, that you were accomplices in this. It was every single day you reported that there was an email that was embarrassing to the Clinton [campaign] without saying, ‘We know this because of disruption by a foreign power into our electoral system.' You knew that. You knew it was the Russians. And so did it affect the Clinton campaign? Of course, it did. Would it have come out differently? I don’t know, because there are many factors in an election.</blockquote>