Obama: "I Think I Did A Pretty Good Job"

President Obama analyzes his presidency at a joint press conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Athens Tuesday evening local time. Obama said the American people elected Trump because they just wanted to "shake things up." Obama declared "those folks" who voted for President-Elect Trump "are better off than when I came into office." "I think raising wages, investing in infrastructure, making sure that people have access to good educations that equip them for jobs of future, those are all agenda items that would help alleviate some of those economic pressures and dislocations that people are experiencing," President Obama said today. "The problem was I couldn't convince a Republican Congress to pass a lot of them," the outgoing president acknowledged. "Now having said that, people seem to think I did a pretty good job, and so there is this mismatch I think between frustration and anger, perhaps the view of the American people was is that just need to shake things up," Obama declared. "I think I can make a pretty strong argument that the policies that we put forward were the right ones," Obama said. "That we've grown faster than just about any advanced economy and the country is indisputably better off. Those folks who voted for the president-elect are better off than when I came into office for the most part. We'll see whether those facts effect people's calculations in the next election."