Chuck Todd: Trump Had A Five Week Head Start And Blew It, Now He Has Five Weeks To Save Nomination

CHUCK TODD, MSNBC: This is a precarious period here for Trump. This is the most -- they messed up the five weeks. He had a five-week head start and he blew it. Now he's got five weeks to save his nomination. I think it's not hyperbole to say the nomination is still on the line for him. I don't know. If <A href="">that statement came out that he did today</a> was the result -- was the best possible result Reince Priebus could get out of Trump, I think a lot of Republican party is having heartburn right now. If that's the statement, which appears to be the result of the chairman of the Republican party trying to get him to tone it down. If that was toned down, it's still -- we're still in a 911 situation for the GOP.