The Worse Your Diet the Greater Your Risk of Depression In a recent Harvard study, people were given a score based on their inflammatory dietary pattern. Sugary and diet soft drinks, refined grains, red meat and margarine were associated with HIGH inflammatory dietary pattern scores. Green leafy vegetables, yellow/orange vegetables, olive oil, wine and coffee were all associated with LOW inflammatory dietary pattern scores. Those with the high inflammation status showed a 41% increased risk of depression compared to those with the low inflammatory diet score. Read the full story at DNL - 26-11 We’re Videofy! Videofy provides highly engaging, short animation videos, to companies providing nutritional information. We produce high quality original video content based on the latest research and trending news for food & lifestyle services, and health & fitness companies for their existing customers & online audience. These videos are white-label and can be rebranded for you at a cost-effective rate! We can also convert your existing newsletter to a video that your audience will love. Please tell us if you are interested in videos similar to this for your business. Videofy Your Content Today! Thank you! - Videofy Production Team