How Krampus Inspires Christmas Horror Celebration

In German lore, “Krampus” is a horned monster who shows up at Christmastime to punish naughty children. When Arizona native Deedra Brown learned about the traditional “Krampus Walk,” she decided to organize one in Phoenix, complete with demon masks, angels, and the nature goddess Perchta. This year, the group Krampus of Phoenix hosted its third-annual promenade down Roosevelt Row, to coincide with December's First Friday. The crowd was comparatively small; in 2015, the cult horror film “Krampus” drew about 50 people. But participants -- including Michelle West, who played the eponymous beast -- donned their finest mythic attire. Brown talked about her affection for the legend, explaining how a darker Yuletide celebration can bring balance to the holiday season.