Trump: 'Never Trumpers' Are Dying, On Respirators; "They Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves"

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is asked about appointing Justices in the mold of Antonin Scalia in a question and answer session at the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights. Trump promised he would be committed to naming "true constitutionalists" to the bench. "Yes, the answer is yes, 100%" he responded. "You know that question and that response is amazing because I get it so many places. And you'll hear about these Never Trumpers, who are dying fast. Right now they are on respirator because the unity is becoming incredible." "Just today, in the <i>Wall Street Journal</i> they have an amazing story about -- an amazing <i>Wall Street Journal</i> story today about all the support that we're getting from lots of rich people even. These were Never Trump, Never Trump, Never Trump, and now they are believing," he said. "They see lower taxes. They see cutting the regulations. They see job creation, which is so important," Trump said of the newfound support. "Those people and those Republicans who aren't helping they should be ashamed of themselves," Trump said about the remaining cadre of 'Never Trumpers.'